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Lidya is also teaching and she has taught children to adults. Online tutoring are available for lessons, exam preparations and any other preparations.

Her teaching style focuses more on the healthy approach both mentally and physicaly without diminishing the excellency on the violin playing.

Guiding students through open discussion is an important tool for Lidya to open students' creativity and imagination.

What People Say..


"Lidya is an amazing teacher, mentor and friend! Even if she is several years younger than me, she has always been excellent at helping me correct my basic techniques which is an important foundation! 

She has been very flexible and patient while teaching me online even if my work schedule and internet connection in Raja Ampat became an issue during our lessons. 

She also has a very good ear and has many professional experiences. She taught me a lot of ways to improve my skills through practice and techniques as she helped me with my tonalization, vibrato, and shifting. 

Not only is she very professional but she also has all the solutions to my challenges, and I feel I have improved a lot and have become more confident playing the violin. 

Thank you Lidya! Can not wait for my daughter to have lessons with you as well!"

- Jade Harvey, Papua, Indonesia

"I have been learning with her since September 2021 and I’m so grateful to become her student.

For these past months, I feel a lot of improvement especially with my posture when I play the violin. The proper posture which she directed can make us play our instrument more confidently and helps communicate the message we want to share through music. Lidya is not only teaching violin skills but also about the mindset that I should have as a violinist.

She always tells me to manage time and mindful practice. When I do practice it is important to not only have the quantity of practice but the quality of practice as well. The other important thing is I have to be consistent and have a commitment to what I do. 

I am a dentist and I am very excited to continue my musical journey with Lidya as my teacher!"

- Redalina Pesireron, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I’ve started to learn with Ms. Lidya since October 2021. I think I’ve found the right teacher for me, because at that time I was looking for a teacher who is really keen to notice my performance errors. Miss Lidya taught me a lot that can help my performance better, such as basic posture to other techniques like shifting and vibrato. She also has a very good ear where she can improve my intonations. My teacher also gives me solution to all my problems in playing the violin. I think I am playing better now and starting to leave my bad violin habits. Thank you Miss Lidya! I am very lucky to have the opportunity to study with you!"

- Chelsea Angelica, Samarinda, Indonesia

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